Mireya Levi, has achieved to become the ambassador of bolero music in Ecuador, she has won the Iberoamerican Festival in Miami and Puerto Rico twice, Mireya´s talent has taken her to participate in the most prestigious festivals among them The Iberoamerican Festival, The bolero festival in Cartagena, The bolero festival in Cuba, making her a world renowned artist giving shows in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuele among others.
.....In Guayaquil you can listen to her in the best clubs and events, charming her fans with her astonishing voice. She is part of the elegant side of the busy ecuadorian nights touching hearts with her passionate boleros.
.....Her success has been covered by the local and international media impressed by her amazing voice that is capable of taking listeners to a climax of feelings and love.
.....Mireya Levi is and artist that enchants scenarios and transmits intensity mixed with the passion that bolero needs to have to be understood, she captures attention with her sensual voice.